When you just don't have the time to code
About us
Ever had this time when you want or need to code something but you just can't find the time to do so? Or perhaps you want to start a new project but find it annoying to set it up. It's always a tedious process nobody really enjoys and we want to fix that.

Our plan is to create a library of tiny tools which helps you to initialize a coding project by adding a general file structure, dropping in often used components such as menus and footers and even giving you the option to implement a cms like system. After setting the needed options in our library, you then just download the whole project and work on the important parts.

At least thats the plan. Until now it's just an idea and we would be more than glad to hear your feedback. You can write us an email at:
More about our idea The tool library is initially intended for web based projects but we keep the doors open to support other programming languages in the future.
Phone: +49 1511 7256498 Email: maurice.freuwoert@live.de

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